Coinstreams is created by traders to easily share and find information about all crypto-currencies. We encourage many of your opinions and arguments, however we also share the feeling that a spam-free, respectful and crypto-related stream creates the best environment for all our users. The rules we have created highlight the behaviors that are NOT accepted within the Coinstreams community. Violating these rules will lead to the deletion of inappropriate messages and permanent suspension of your Coinstreams account.


We encourage disagreements and debates about any crypto-related topic. Attacking other members is not allowed.


  • Threats: You can not send messages that threatens any religions or people on Coinstreams.
  • Insults: You can not insult other people on Coinstreams.
  • Racism: You can not send messages that are racist to a particular group of people on Coinstreams
  • Spam: You can not add multiple $COINS in your message to pump the volume and spam other streams on Coinstreams.


Most of our members are actively trading crypto-currencies. While welcoming everyone and every idea, we do not allow promotion of products and services in any of the following ways:

Posting multiple, similar messages.

Adding multiple $COINS in one message with the goal to spam multiple streams.
Sending direct messages to other users containing links, information about a service or product that you sell.
Following and unfollowing large amount of users for any other reason than educational purposes.


We completely understand that you may not share the same ideas as some other users. Instead of insulting another person we advice you to:
Report the user/message. Our team will look into it and handle these situations professionally.
Block the user. You will not be able to see any of the user’s messages for as long as the user is blocked.

Promoting and manipulating coins

It is critical that no one is attempting to manipulate others to create personal gain from the situation. We strongly recommend to ignore individuals that are trying to promote a certain coin. Also sharing your position is strongly not recommended.

  • Do not send messages with the attempt to move a coin
  • Do not repeat positive or negative messages about a coin without new information
  • Do not spread false rumors about a coin
  • Do not promote any manipulative websites
  • Do not create multiple accounts to spam coin-streams or other users