An Insider crypto community platform designed for active investors seeking opinions and thoughts. In 2017, the best year for crypto so far, the company was founded by fellow crypto-investors. As crypto investors we were seeking information day in day out, unsuccessful in finding a place to discuss rumors and share ideas in a live situation. We can easily say that in crypto-currencies, the advantage of having insider / new information is even more precious than in the regular stockmarket.

Volatility is growing every second due to the amount of new money that is getting involved, where the crypto-exchanges have hundreds new account registrations EVERY day. The crypto world is blowing up, and we want to give access to the most relevant ideas and discussions.

Coinstreams wishes to create a free and open platform for the crypto community to actively share ideas, links and opinions. A web-based platform, providing live-streams for every alt-coin on the market. Everyone is encouraged to share information that benefits other crypto enthusiasts.

After signing up you are able to join discussions with professionals, newcomers and long time blockchain developers, investors and enthusiasts.

By using $COIN our users are able to find, and post on any coinstream by the ease of a click. Twitter messages containing the $COIN will also be added in our streams. Follow charts, links and articles by adding the coin(s) to your Watch-list. Send direct messages if you don’t want to discuss a certain matter in public. Users will be able to invite others in the discussion or to reply in private.

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