An Insider crypto community platform designed for active investors seeking opinions and thoughts.

Founded in 2015, the community was founded by fellow crypto-enthusiasts. As crypto enthusiasts we were seeking information day in day out, unsuccessful in finding a place to discuss rumors and share ideas in a live situation.

We can easily say that in crypto-currencies, the advantage of multiple streams & new information is even more precious than in the regular stockmarket.

Volatility is growing every second due to the amount of new money that is getting involved, where the crypto-exchanges have hundreds new account registrations EVERY day.

The crypto world is blowing up, and we want to give access to the most relevant news streams and ideas.

Coinstreams wishes to create a free and open platform for the crypto community to actively share ideas and opinions. A web-based platform, providing live-streams from the most trusted news sources. Everyone is encouraged to share information that benefits other crypto enthusiasts.

Experience the advantage of having charts, prices and LIVE streams all in one place.

You’ve found the fastest growing crypto community today.

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Meet Our Team

The coinstreams platform is run by four Offshore Cowboys.


Loves to build stuff and sometimes gets lucky trading stocks

Crypto King

He only trusts cold sandwiches

Wall Street King

A Legend on Wall Street entering the Crypto world


Likes to play with more than only numbers